Arty Folkestone

We’re blessed with a thriving arts scene, fantastic galleries and the largest collection of outdoor art, including some highly respected and recognised artists as part of Folkestone Triennial (2021). The triennial brings new public art to the town as well as lots of art lovers and no visit would be without an art trail finding hidden and surprising art in strange and thought provoking places. You can find the list here and it includes works by many famous artists. As a result there’s some amazing artists based and working locally my favourite is Rebecca Mason because she’s tolerated me in her gallery a fair few times without buying (yet) one of her lovely neon pieces. One day!

Our properties are also filled with art, including these fab murals outside The Gatehouse and some work of mine which you can even take home as a souvenir!

Below are some pencil portraits all of which decorate the walls at our beautiful holiday homes. You can order a numbered and signed copy of any of these via our contact form. They are £25. If you’re interested I’d love to take a commission to draw your pet and would expect to charge around £75-100 depending on the complexity of the piece and media required.

There’s much local art from around Folkestone at both our holiday properties not just my own! It makes browsing the local galleries that bit more fun as you stumble upon more work by something that adorned your bedroom wall that very morning!

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