Our FAV Drinking spots in Folkestone

Steep Street is our favourite coffee style shop but you’ll also find a Costa and Starbucks on the high street if that’s your preference, but personally as a proud descentant of a long line of high functioning alcoholics I personally only step inside for cake and wine!

If, like me you’re after something stronger we’re blessed with many great pubs and micro pubs and your good fortune is that I’ve sampled almost all of them on your behalf!  These are my personal recommendations, I’m a fan of Belgian Beers and Organic if not Biodynmic Wine (Google it Biodynamic wine is more homeopathic voodoo than scientific method) so I’m listing places with good selections. There’s loads of other bars with a more standard selection and each has it’s own appeal if you’re after anything in particular just ask!

There’s a champagne bar in the light house at the end of the Harbour Arm which is really almost compulsory to visit for at least one tipple if the sun is shining! They provide blankets in the winter, so if it’s dry and the weekend start your afternoon there!

Inside on the harbour arm there’s loads of different food and drink options, as at the Goods Yard area! Why not try a drink in a brewery, Dockers, in the East Yard next door? Or if you fancy deckchairs, on the beach itself check out The Pilot. There’s also Little Rock, Rocksalt’s latest offshoot doing fantastic fresh fish!

Outside of the Harbour Arm great new additions include Folklore a quirky bar and cocktail joint and Lucky Chip a burger beer and cocktail ‘dive bar.

The Pullman as mentioned above is a wonderful place with roaring fires in winter and a big garden in summer. It’s run by local power couple Ben and Lucy and their wonderful team, it’s just got that hearty community vibe that makes it feel like all of Folkestone is there.

The Radnor Arms, Christchurch Road is a beautiful hidden gem recently purchased by The Pickled Egg pub company with a secret garden, they have a good wine list and also do food. Just round the corner The Bouverie Tap on W Bouverie Place has it’s own Pilsner, decent beers and a small but perfectly formed menu. If you’re eating up this end of town that’s my suggestion for the best pub grub.

Kips Ale House on the corner of the Old High Street will have a great selection of local ales and ciders as well as Belgian beers on tap.

The Old Buoy on Tontine Street is a newish affair which is selling a decent selection of Belgian beers and food options. Small but friendly and perfectly formed.

Home Taproom also on Tontine Street is a new addition with a decent selection of Craft Beers if that’s your bag and is the home of Angels and Demons local brewery.

The Potting Shed is a not-so-secret but still cool and glamourous speakeasy opposite Whetherspoons you need to book in advance by calling or texting 07967 006696.

The East Kent, Harp Unstrung, Kips and The Chambers all regularly have live music. The Chambers even has dancing at weekends. I think loosely it’s fair to say that the East Kent hosts acts singing popular songs with for an older crowd, whilst the Harp hosts live bands and The Chambers more DJ type things. I’m afraid to admit I’ve only ever been to the East Kent under duress from my father possibly for Karoke which was an experience to say the least.

Late night options

The Space Bar just at the top of the Old High Street is a quirky crazy bar and dance club, with silent discos, pop up foodie collabs and frankly a favourite of mine.

The Rum Clinic tiny funky rum shack open till 1 am Friday and Saturday.

The Samuel Peto our Wetherspoons has been described as the Cisteen Chapel of Wetherspoons by the Guardian no less! It’s a lovely old courthouse with the ceiling painted with a fresco of the sky. It’s also open later than most other pubs 12 on week nights and 1 am on weekends.

One Foot in the Grape is a new wine bar on Church Street is a new addition with good wine and gin selections and an intimate wine bar vibe.

There’s also a place called the Party Bar at the end of Tontine Street. I’ve never been but it is the place of local legend! I’m advised there’s sofa’s like my nan’s and sticky floors. If you do visit I’d love to hear what you discover!

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