How AirBNB helped me lose weight & find my Zen

I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. I was a chubby kid, bullied in primary for being precociously rotund. In secondary I decided to do something about it and went on a crazy starvation mars bar diet, so I spent my later teens as a size 8-10, at one point owning size 6 jeans,…

A Day in the life: Airbnb host

So today’s a Monday and my week starts as so many do with admin. The boring bits. Check prices, calendars and accounts and deal with the background work of managing properties. This week’s it’s all done on the sofa, sometimes I’m lucky and it’s done from a sun lounger, this time I’m in my fella’s…

Our FAV Drinking spots in Folkestone

Steep Street is our favourite coffee style shop but you’ll also find a Costa and Starbucks on the high street if that’s your preference, but personally as a proud descentant of a long line of high functioning alcoholics I personally only step inside for cake and wine! If, like me you’re after something stronger we’re…

Foodie Folkestone

We are truly spoiled in Folkestone for food and drink options. There are so many great restaurants which we very much enjoy sampling so that we can make recommendations for every type of foodie. Our Foodie Favourites: £££ Rocksalt 4-5 Fish Market, Folkestone CT19 6AA – Truly fine dining, excellent food, celebrity chef Mark Sargeant’s…

About Me

I’m Jo. Founder and Director of Folkestone Holidays. I’ve lived in sunny Folkestone 6 years, and love it!

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